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We all have rights on NG We all have rights on NG

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Bad..just bad

All you did was tween words. In it you said that you had skill with flash, but oviously you don't because it didn't have a preloader. And there is somthing called the forums, it is on that orange bar and it is in between series and ng mag. You click general then at the top you press "create new topic" and fill out everything. Just thoght you should know. Also it looks like you spent 5 min on it.

Graphics: all it was was words so 0, hte font was boring
Style: Bad style, just moving words so i gave it a 0
Sound: at least it has sound (the only good part of it so I gave it a 9
Violence: N/A so I gave it a 0 (doesn't do anything to total score)
Interactivity: No preloader, just loops on forever, a 0, if I was allowed to give it anything I'd give it -6
Humor: this had no humor at all so I gave it a 0
Overall: Was really bad except the music 2

AlexJS responds:

You can't really say that I have no flash skill based on this on submission. Did you really think I didn't consider posting this on the forum? The most that'll happen is I get flamed and banned.

Yes, there were only words.
There was no preloader because I have LiveSwif. It can't use the NG preloader, and even now, I still don't know how to add one.
It's not supposed to be funny, but I can understand the 0.

After all this, you failed to mention ONE thing. Did you agree with what I had to say?

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Free Rider 2 Free Rider 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars



omg i cant believe the real free rider pete would go on a site like newgrounds to upload it for free and not for any money!!! thats soo generous thank you!!!

check out my level "freeriderpete"

-18 1i 18 1i,n 2i -d 2g -a 3t,-a 39 a 39,13 2n 15 3v,15 2n 1s 2j 1s 36 15 32,2d 2e 2v 2d,2d 2v 2t 2s,2d 3h 36 3j,3j 23 3j 3b,3j 24 44 23,3l 2i 45 2i,3l 32 49 37,2e 3c 2d 29,1p 34 29 3r,4m 1u 4k 36,4m 1u 5c 1s 5a 2d 4m 2d,5a 2e 5p 32,63 1n 63 2t,6k 1k 6i 2n,6l 1l 74 1n 74 2d 6g 2n,7g 1k 7g 2j,7g 1i 82 1f,7g 21 81 21,7e 2d 87 2g,8m 1a 8m 2e,8l 1d 9c 18,9c 18 9c 1l,9c 1l 8l 1u,94 1p a0 2d,aa 18 ab 2a,a9 18 ar 13,aq 13 aq 1k a9 1l,ba 12 ba 25,bb 12 bu 11,bc 1i bu 1i,bc 24 c5 22,c8 n dc n,cr n cr 25,dm o dn 1t,dm r ec i,dn 19 ef 14,do 1s f2 1q,g3 g g3 1l,gs e gf h gh 14 h3 14 h3 1k ge 1m,i5 1l io b jh 1i,ie 10 j6 u,kn a kl 1e,kp 5 lf 5 lf n kp o,m0 4 ls 17 n2 18 n1 1,n2 1 m3 3,o1 -3 ng -2 nf i o1 g o0 16 na 17,oh -9 og 12,oi -c p7 -a,oi f p7 j,oe 12 pb 14,pj -e pl 11,pj -g qe -h qe 5 pi 5,qg 4 qs 11,eo -6 f1 7,ej 0 en c,-m 21 -t 2e,-i 28 -m 2j#-4d -1s -54 -1q,-4c -i -5c -f#