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FBI confiscated computer

2011-05-26 18:15:22 by Figikii

Hey Newgrounds, I'm in a pretty fucking pissed off mood today. I'm using a friend's computer because the fucking FBI confiscated mine. I'm calling for a boycott of REAL DOLL.

Here's what happened. You can order custom Real Dolls so I specified that I wanted their smallest model with no pubic hairs and a perfectly flat chest. Two weeks later I notice the charge hasn't gone through on my Visa so I called to ask if there was a problem. The guy on the phone asks what my order number was and I tell him. I then hear him talking in the background to someone, maybe his manager and he comes back and says there is no problem that they're waiting for a custom part to be milled and won't bill my credit card until it's finished.

No problem. Well this morning the fucking FBI bust down my door with a warrent. They grab my fucking computer, they grab all my CDs and DVDs (even more store bought music CDs and DVDs) and all my videotapes and leave with them and take me in for questioning.

They tell me Real Doll called the FBI to register a complaint that I'm a pedo trying to buy illegal pedo products. WTF!?! There was nothing illegal about the Real Doll I was trying to buy. But the FBI said it was suspiscious enough that it gave them grounds to get a fucking search warrent to look through my shit for CP. WTF!?! What fucking country is this?

The most they'll find is maybe some legal softcore Loli hentai because I don't have any CP. Hell I don't even like porn of real people which is why I was buying a fucking Real Doll in the first place.

So now they've told me not to leave town until the investigation is over (which I don't think they can legally do anyways, until I'm charged I'm legally free to go wherever I want), I have to hire a fucking lawyer, and I've got no fucking computer or CDs or DVDs or even fucking video tapes until they're done searching through my shit.

I'm hungry

FBI confiscated computer


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2011-05-27 15:53:49

It's a good thing you didn't download that kiddie porn I sent ya. LOL
But seriously, it's legal for them to go through all your shit at the slightest indication of criminal activity thanks to the Patriot Act. Basically, they believe that if you're a patriot, you'd have nothing to hide; if you're not a patriot, you're a terrorist.
Bush can go get bent.


2011-05-27 21:21:45

hi katy! *gives u spork*


2011-05-28 11:26:21

dude that just fucking sucks go buy a gun and shoot the fuck out of real doll


2011-05-29 03:44:18

Eat buckshot then.


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