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OMG MADNESS KOMBAT 10 IS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2011-06-04 15:27:00 by Figikii



its really c00l, it got gunz, blood and sexy boobs. (ok maybe not the last 1). WHen i saw iT on the front page i thoght it was fake but then when i watch it i was liek OMFGDISISAWESOEM!!!!1 it was really cool it strts liek hang with his lobster arm lol with that funny guy and thy be fightin that black guy(not racist LOL) and then they pwn the shite outta him. then he runs awai like a little pussy and hank and tht funny guy chase him!! den dey kill the sunglasses guys. it was cool the were all like BANGBANGBANBBANG!!1 and they were all like *dead* but then it was like OH SHITTTTTT!1111!!!!!!! they saw the black guy again except he was biger1!! then he pwns them silly and hank almost dies!!1 then the black guy starts swallong more ppl(for power) but then he axidently swalows the clown and then hes like OHHHHHHHHHH SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!! and then the movie ends nice cliffhanger ending krinkles.

i would not recommend any little kiddies watchin dis movie because it is too hardcore for them. you hve to be hardcore like me to wathc madness. it will messs u up. there is just 2 much vilence for yo0u to handle. dont worry i am 12 so i am safe.

anyways i am going to make my own madness movie because that was AWSEOME. i dont know how to use flash lol so im going to use windows movie maker!!@! please subscribe to my youtube account.

OMG MADNESS KOMBAT 10 IS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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2011-06-18 12:43:34

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