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I am cool.

2008-05-19 17:09:54 by Figikii

Hey, I'm just your average 13 year old faggot. I really like Naruto, man that show is good. Oh, yeah! I forgot to mention I really like sonic games. My favorite video games are Naruto: Clash of Ninja, Shadow the Hedgehog, and Sonic Riders. My favorite MMORPG is runescape. Sonic games are really good, so FUCK YOU IF YOU DONT LIKE SONIC. I just don't respect others' opinions, sorry.

Oh yeah, I AM NOT FAT. The doctor told me I was obese (which I don't know what that means) so im not fat. Oh yeah, newgrounds really likes me, I am cool. I mean, look at my stats they are really good. I rate under judgement movies on their filesizes, and I don't watch them. Also KITTY KREW SUCK BALLS! I vote 5 on them for protection points though. I mean, whats the purpose of voting 1-4 anyways? I have 3072 protect points and 96 blam points! Oh yeah, you are not cool until you are level 9. I am level 9. I am trying to hide up who I really am by getting good stats. It actually works! I don't know why my whistle is garbage though. It's a glitch. I like to bitch about it in rage's thread all day long.

The forums are a good place too. I make a bunch of posts that have already have been said earlier, just so I can raise my postcount! I already have 1,000 posts! Sometimes I like to make useless posts that are unneeded to raise my post count. Memes are sooooo funny. SHOOP DA WOOP. Rofl, I am so original and funny. I don't know why the mods banned me for posting in that spam thread though. So i'm banned. Everyone cry, because I matter so much and the BBS is a dull place wihtout me. Everyone there misses me.

If you don't have any flash you are a looser. I am co-authored to a flash I didn't even contribute anything to! Flash is too expensive. Oh yeah, but I pirated it! Someone told me that piracy was against the law so I told them FUCK YOU. I don't understand how getting an $800 software for free is illegal. I really like to make madness parodies. I know, i am soooooo original! I am making it right now. Oh yeah, i'm using madness spritesheets, becuase I am too lazy to draw something that is really easy to draw! I will vote 5 on my movie everyday, and raise its score really high so I can call my self better than the people who put effort into their submissions.

I also really like to pimp out my userpage. My awesome banner was made in MS paint! I go on other peoples userpages and suck their cocks, so they can suck mine. I have 500 comments. I also put hentai pictures on my userpage that I found from google, so people visit my userpage. I really do have a gf though. I have had sex 20 times. I AM SO COOL. Betty is a faggot. BETTY SUCKS. Id also like to give a shout out to my friend ngfan14. He called me cool, that makes me feel so special inside. I must give him lots of attention. The number of comments on your userpage totally matter. If you don't like me, you are just jealous of how great I really am. I would make a great mod!

Here is a cool runescape video I made:

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Best and worst types of Newgrounds users. Which one are you?

2008-05-17 22:50:52 by Figikii

These are ordered from worst to best

Sonic/Naruto Fanboy
ppl who typ lyk dis. u r anoying
12 Year olds
Users who think there cool, but there not
People who steal stuff and pretend to be the person who really made it
Annoying 13-14 year olds (remember that I said annoying)
SMBZ Fanboy
Runescape Player
N64 Fanboy
People who steal stuff, and act if they're cool
Fanboy of any kind except ones listed above
Writes shitty reveiws
Makes crappy sprite comics
Comment Whores
People who think MS paint is great
"OMG STICK MOVIES ARE GREAT!!" kind of person
People who are like "I HAVE 100 PM'S/COMMENTS, IM COOL NOW!!" Nobody cares
Save whores (the kind that have like 50 blams and 1,000 saves)
Makes shitty stick movies
RPG snob
People who vote 5 on their flash everyday to get its score really high
People who post hentai on their userpage so people go there
People who have no respect for other's opinions
People who are nice only for attention
Users who make a billion of useless blog posts a day
Users who think there cool because they have good stats
Users that have no flashes
Userpage spammer
Portal Spammer
Users that don't do anything except play games on here
People who only goes on this site to post on the forums
A user that really doesn't bother anyone, but doesn't do anything great either
Nice users
People who make alright flashes
Fair voters
Stat whore who puts effort into his states (Like watching before voting on something)
Funny users
People who put effort into their posts on this site
People who post good flashes (score doesn't matter)
Forum Regular
Popular Flash artist

So, where are you on this list? I will update it when I get new Ideas for more. Feel free to suggest some things to add to the list.

Happy Figikii day!

2008-04-30 21:05:41 by Figikii

Forget about Pico Day, the day I signed up is more important.


2008-03-27 19:21:00 by Figikii



Yay Level 6!!!!!

2008-03-14 14:34:09 by Figikii

I am cool now.

Barrel Roll

2008-01-15 23:38:23 by Figikii

I told you to do one but you didnt listen.

Video # 1
Video # 2

Barrel Roll

play me @ pico roulette

2007-07-22 16:36:04 by Figikii

play me at pico roulette some time, k?